Thinking without limits.

A bedtime conversation:-

– “Can I tell you about my idea?”

– “Yes, but quickly because you need to sleep.”

– “I’m working on an idea for a business called IST. That stands for International Space Tourism.”

– “That sounds like a great idea.”

– “Yes, and I’ve got about three billion other ideas too.” [He grins, knowing that I’m trying to get him to settle down and go to sleep.]

– “Fantastic. But could you maybe tell me about them tomorrow? It’s late now.”

– “OK. Goodnight.”

– “Goodnight.”

In my autistic son’s mind anything is possible. He doesn’t think with the kind of preconceived constraints and limitations that most of us tend to have. He has new ideas daily. The world needs thinkers like my son. The world needs people like him who have the ability to see things differently to the established norm. Society is facing ever more complex problems which need creative, previously unthought of methods of solutions. I think  the autistic mind will prove to be invaluable in this respect.


4 thoughts on “Thinking without limits.

  1. As a mother of a son sitting on the spectrum (his spot used to be called Aspergers), I totally agree! One of the silver lining of the many challenges we face is the whacky, out of left field, very cool ideas and conversations. 🙂

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