“Would you want to live in Fjordland?”
It’s not the first time I have been asked this question by my son, in fact he has been asking me on a regular basis since he first created this new country a few months back.
I pretend to consider the question carefully.
“Is it cold there?” I ask, even though I already know the answer to this question. Indeed I know Fjordland almost as intimately as he does since I’ve seen the drawn plans for it and everything.
“Yes.” he replies.
“Well then no” I say. “I don’t like cold places.”
Quick as anything he chirps “We sell winter coats!” with a salesman’s winning smile. At that we look at each other and start laughing.

Because of his autism my son can get fixated on a particular topic for months at a time. He created the imaginary country Fjordland, a country which he plans to create for real one day. He works away at the planning of it on an ongoing basis to the point where his plans are pretty complex.

He wants to engage me in conversation about it and always uses the same question as an opener “Would you want to live in Fjordland?”. But here’s the thing, after that initial question the conversation can go ANYWHERE. I vary my responses each time and there is absolutely no telling what he will say back.

Conversations in general with my son often get very creative and are so much fun. With him it’s a case of expect the unexpected. Sometimes it feels as if I am living in some kind of never ending improv. sketch. It keeps life interesting and fresh.


7 thoughts on “Fjordland

  1. It’s seems it requires a lot of patience, but it must be so rewarding! You get to know the world with a different perspective every day. Your son is very kind and funny, it appears. 🙂

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  2. I really relate to the sameness of opening of conversations with these kids! It’s the same line over and over again that opens to a million different conversations.. but the first sentence is always the same! Maybe he can put a sunny part in the southern Region of Fjordland for us peeps who like the warmer climate lol.

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  3. I’m sure there are days that are so tough that you could just cry (heck what parent doesn’t have those days?) but then you have conversations like this, and you laugh and suddenly it’s the easiest job in the world. Love that he’s a problem solver (and I love the fish!)

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  4. Thank-you for sharing this anecdote. It made me smile. I had a child who created “worlds” from the time she was little. Not surprisingly, she loves role playing games. Your anecdote reminded me of the sketchbooks full of pictures, different made up languages, costumes, maps, etc. she had all planned out. If I was lucky, she’d even write me stories about what was happening in her imaginary world! This led to writing fan fiction and creative writing. Such imagination and creativity! Keep up the good work Mom! 🙂

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