Throwback Thursday

I wish now that I had written down the funny things that my son has said over the years so that I could remember them all. Alas, when my children were younger life was hectic and I didn’t think (or have the energy!) to keep a record.

I love that some of these ‘lost’ conversations pop up via my Facebook ‘On This Day’ app. from time to time and I get to relive them. Today I was treated to one such memory from several years ago when my son was 8 years old.

At the time he had a Cowboy themed bedroom and we had bought a couple of small cacti plants for him to have in his room. One of them was’furry’. One day he came to me and said:-

“Can we go to the garden centre and buy a new cactus for my bedroom?”

I replied “Yes we can, but why do you want another one?”

“Because I think I just accidentally killed one.” he responded looking sad.

“You killed one of your cacti?” I queried wondering how he could have managed that.

“Yes, I was just combing it’s hair and it came out of it’s pot and now I think it’s dead….”

He was such a sweet child (well, he still is in a teenage sort of way 😉 ).



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