Time Flies

 Author of image: Mciura, 2008


Time flies when you’re having fun, or so the saying goes. Well these past few weeks have contained some fun for me but mostly I have just been very busy dealing with Life.

I am making a quick post here today just to let readers know that I haven’t forgotten or abandoned this blog, on the contrary, ideas for posts are queueing up in my head. Unfortunately I just haven’t had the time recently to write any posts with the level of attention I like to give them. But not to worry, tomorrow is another day and I will write some new posts soon.

And the photo above? I had a quick search online to find an image to accompany this post today. In my mind I was imagining a photo of a bird in flight or perhaps a nice image of a kite flying but when the image above popped up in the search results I smiled to myself. It is an example of an English grammar syntax tree and exactly the sort of thing an autistic person might pick if asked to choose an image that represents ‘Time Flies’.


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