That Friday Feeling

 As I write this post it is a Friday afternoon, the sun is shining and I’m feeling good mostly because it is Friday afternoon which means the week is nearly over and I won’t have to set an alarm when I go to bed tonight. Hooray for that!

It’s been another busy week in my household and I’m looking forward to a quieter weekend. I thought I’d start my wind down to the weekend with a light and short blog post here.

I have the most fascinating and unexpected conversations with my son on a daily basis because the way he thinks is so free. When I say ‘free’ I mean it seems to me that he thinks without any of the kinds of limitations, constraints or preconceptions that most people naturally harbour.

He regularly asks me seemingly out of nowhere questions which then lead us into some highly theoretical ponderings! For example, the other day he asked me “Mummy, if a house had wings and it could fly from location to location, would it be classified as a building or a vehicle?”

As you can imagine, I can honestly say I have never before thought to wonder about many of the things he asks me! 🙂

I always go with the flow when he asks me such questions and we have the most fun conversations. This is one of the nice qualities of autism. Not only is my son a highly creative and innovative thinker but he is also inadvertently teaching me in the ways of thinking outside of the box too. Through him I am learning to see things from alternative and new perspectives and I feel blessed that I have grown so much as a person because he is my son.

And the photo attached to this post? Well, I didn’t fancy spending a lot of time searching online for an image of a house with wings to accompany this post today so I just had a quick look through the drawings on my son’s desk and picked this one at random to use. I have no idea what the creature is and my son is at school right now so I can’t ask him. He loves to draw and our house is littered with his drawings, but more of that another time.

For now, happy Friday and I hope your weekend is a good one.


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