The Perfect Quote (Ironically!)


Day Five: Hook ‘Em With a Quote

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.  ~ Mark Twain

You may have noticed that I am running a good few days behind in these my daily assignments for the BloggingU course #EverydayInspiration. The Day Five assignment was to use a quote to introduce a post.

Now, the thing is that I did sit down and think about this post actually on Day Five and I did have a quote in mind to use and I was excited about the post I was going to write around that quote. So, what happened? Well, the post introduced something that has been in my head to blog about for a while but it’s a post that I want to get ‘just right’ and for the past few days I have been grabbling with a feeling that I haven’t yet done enough research and thinking to write the post in the way I want to write it.

I took this course because I have a bit of a weakness for on-line courses, if the truth be told, and since blogging is new to me I’m eager to learn anything I can to improve my writing. The course looked like a lot of fun too, and indeed it is, but I wasn’t expecting it to cause me to self reflect quite so much as I have done. My need to do things ‘exactly right’ has become glaringly obvious to me this past few days as I’ve been thinking about this assignment. Of course, all the while I’ve been delaying on this the Day Five assignment, I’ve been falling behind the course schedule which is giving me further ‘perfectionist angst’. Posts for subsequent assignments are circling in my head like aeroplanes in a holding pattern waiting for the all clear to land (because my perfectionist self won’t let me proceed with the next assignments until this one is done, of course!)

Today I had a good talk with myself. “This is silly” I said “for goodness sake just choose a different quote, get something written down and move on. You can always write the ‘just right’ post another time.”

So that’s what I have done. For the sake of moving on with the rest of this course, today I am posting this ‘not at all right’ post, and I think you will now see why the quote I found to introduce this post is perfect, ironically!  🙂


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Quote (Ironically!)

  1. Welcome to the Blogging World. There’s a sense of you don’t want anyone to see a bad post. They happen. Sometimes, it’s an insidious idea that is prefect in your mind but falls flat on others. Or we don’t have some things right today. Noone has ever learned anything by being right. Good quote and execution

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  2. I am exactly the same – to the point where I also sit on ideas for posts. This may have worked better for me whilst studying but now trying to fit writing in alongside full time working life, I find that I can end up just not writing at all! I guess practising is better than writing nothing and the ‘perfect’ pieces we have in mind will hopefully crop up unexpectedly 🙂

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