“Give Me My Challenge”

Another weekend, another coffee. How have you been since our last chat?

For my part, I’m still reading the book that I talked about in my last post so no follow up post about that just yet. In the  meantime I had a further idea. Story telling is a very powerful way of communicating and when it comes to autism, personal stories can give a lot of insight and are a great way of spreading understanding. I listen to a lot of podcasts and from time to time stories about autism turn up on them. I thought it would be a good idea to post some of these podcast stories here on my blog in between the book posts I plan to make.

Today I’d like to share with you  ‘The Boy Who Made Waves’ by Joe Blair. (This link (below) is from WYNC Snap Judgement podacst Episode #803 ‘Run For It’.) Joe is the father of four children, one of whom has autism. This particular story of his about his autistic son is so beautifully written and is full of honesty, truth, tenderness and compassion.

To me this story speaks of the deep intuition and creativity involved in parenting an autistic child and also of the wonder of it. All of us are unique indiviuals, but autism sort of adds an extra layer to that uniqueness. Joe Blair describes his son as “The source of joy and of concern…” which of course is the case with any child, but particularly so an autistic one.

This is one story, of one autistic child and one family. There are countless others and every one will be unique. I hope you enjoy listening to this one as much as I did.

“He will make the world understandable in his way.” – Joe Blair


Inspiring Beautiful Stories

Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You 

Oh dear, I’m really not keeping pace with these assignments for the #everydayinspiration course; never mind every day, my posts are more like every week!  I am inspired, really I am, it’s just that on a practical level I don’t have the time to write and publish a post on a daily basis. Still, I aiming to complete the course but it will have to be at my own pace.

So, Day Seven, and our focus is directed towards social media. I’ll hold up my hands and say I love social media. I have active Twitter and Pinterest accounts but my favourite site is Facebook. I love Facebook! When I read this assignment for today I immediately turned to Facebook for inspiration.

I follow a page on Facebook called Rantings of a Beautiful Mind and it often inspires me. The description of the page is simply ‘word art’ and it consists of just that; photos with words to inspire in the form of poems, quotes or just simple writings. For this blog I have picked two photos from that page that for me connect with the blogging experience.

1. ‘ Your story makes you special.’  This is so true. As I read more and more blogs here on WordPress I am struck by the uniqueness of each and every life story and by the rich tapestry of life created by so many different stories. Each of us has a different story and each of us has something to learn from sharing and hearing those stories.

2. You never know what light you might spark in others, just through your kindness and your example.’ ~ Jennifer Rockwood.   I assume this quote is meant about life in general but I like to think that it is also particularly applicable to blogging. When I started this blogging journey I wasn’t prepared for the meaningful and often heartfelt comments left by readers on my posts, or for the way in which other people’s blogs could resonate so strongly with me. In the WordPress community I have stumbled upon so much kindness, and light in the way of inspiration.

I think a fusion of the above two quotes could perfectly embody the blogging experience: ‘You never know what light you might spark in others, just through sharing your story and your kindness.’ ~ Don’t Puzzle It